What if the solutions to your technology headaches were one click away?

Expert technology advice to power your small business.

Carved Path Consulting is a fractional CTO for your small business.

Get the advantages of a CTO (what's that?) for your business without the full cost of hiring one! We specialize in providing premium technology assistance and advice for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO.

How much time are you spending every month working on or fighting with your technology stack? With Carved Path Consulting, the answer can be "not at all."

Carved Path Consulting exists to help alleviate the technological challenges that small businesses face. We do so through carefully planning, implementing and executing strategies for technology use in business, and connecting your technology together in ways you never thought possible.

Technology that works for you is well within your grasp. Are you ready to grab it?

Who is this for?

"I could be doing better with technology, but I don't know where to start."

If you're the type of entrepreneur who understands the advantages technology offers, but you have no idea where to get started, Carved Path Consulting is right for you.

We'll help you identify the technology needs you have, the technology you're currently using, and the gap between the two. And we'll help you select, implement and learn the technology your business needs to thrive.

"I spend lots of time researching and waste a lot of time tinkering by myself."

When it comes to your time, it's invaluable. Tinkering can be enjoyable, but it can also be a distraction from all the other things you could be doing in your business.

Let us save you the time, energy and effort by identifying the technology your business needs and heloing you implement and learn it. We promise you'll love the time you save.

"I understand technology, but I don't have the time to implement it myself."

We get it: your time is precious. Even if you understand technology, you don't always have the time for technology.

Trust us to help implement the technology your business needs, so that you can focus on what you're good at. We'll make the process easy, and make us your partner.

"Superb service in helping me with process improvement and streamlining my company's business operations. I've implemented the recommendations I received that are already paying for me starting with making better use of my time. Great experience and helpful report that was easy to implement."

Kay Loughrey, Sweet Life Wellness

Everything you need to run your business successfully.

Let us handle your technology stack. We'll have your business humming.

Fractional CTO

We act as your fractional CTO, offering you advice and assistance in managing your technology stack for your business.

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Technology Audits

Let us take a look at what you're currently using and make suggestions. We can help save you money and make improvements.

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Technology Overhauls

Ready for a new tech stack? Need to make upgrades or improvements in how your business runs? We can help.

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Save time, money, and effort!

WIth our fractional CTO service, we'll help you save time, save money, and run your business faster, with less effort.

Enjoy more free time to focus on your business.
Your time is incredibly valuable. With our fractional CTO service, you'll save time dealing with technology headaches and be able to invest that time into running your business.
More money in your pocket.
The software decisions you make have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. We help focus on available savings, alternative solutions, and cost reductions.
Regular refreshes that keep your business running smoothly.
Technology changes fast. We maintain a pulse on the state of technology for your business so you don't have to! If the leading products and services in your industry change, we'll let you know right away.
Supercharge the speed at which your business runs.
Your business can run faster and smoother with a fractional CTO. We'll help integrate all your various services, reducing busywork and increasing return-on-investment.

Straightforward, easy pricing

Expert advice for your business doesn't have to break the bank.

Fractional CTO

Simple, straightforward technology advice right at your fingertips.

What’s included

  • Unlimited email access to ask your most pressing technology needs.
  • 48-hour response time with additional questions or suggestions.
  • Expert research and advice on new and existing technology resources.
  • Includes a once-annual subscription software review when you sign up for a year (valued at $1,000!)

Expert technology advice for your business.

$199 /mo

Get started now
Add-ons: $50 per employee authorized to recieve advice from Carved Path Consulting. $25 per person in your very own Slack channel for instant access.

"Sarah is amazing and very knowledgeable about technology and running a small business. She was able to evaluate my firm employees, systems and technology and write up a report of how I can scale my business. She helped me define what my business will look like in the future and set a plan in action. She also helped with the technology to onboard new employees. "

Frances Shefter, Shefter Law, P.A.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is a fractional CTO?
A fractional CTO is a technology advisor who provides technology services to a small business at a fraction of the price of a full-time CTO. Fractional CTO's respond quickly to questions and inquiries from clients to provide the best technological advice possible, and are capable and sensitive to the needs of your business.
What's the difference between a fractional CTO and an managed IT provider?
Fractional CTO's are focused on the overall technology strategy of your busines, whereas a managed IT provider is typically focused on maintaining the software and hardware you're using on your physical computer. A fractional CTO will assist with things like technology billing and usage, and provide expertise, but won't engage in managed IT support.
Will you fix my computer or printer?
Fractional CTO's are focused on strategy and implementation, rather than specific technology assistance like fixing a computer or printer. We can advise you on solutions for fixing your equipment, but we do not provide hands-on support with hardware.
What is the best way to use my fractional CTO?
Fractional CTO's are excellent resources. They provide advice and service on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) purchasing, acquisition, implementation and integration, as well as full technology audits. You can ask any technology question to your fractional CTO, and they'll respond within 48 hours with additional questions or advice.

Get your business tech stack on the right track.

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