Expert advice for all your technology needs.

Bringing my technology experience to bear for your business.

With more than twenty years of technology experience, including working for some of the biggest name companies in the world, I'm uniquely equipped to help your small business run at peak performance.

Small businesses power 43.5% of all GDP in the United States, and comprise 99% of businesses. That's a tremendous amount of power - and an area that's underserved by traditional IT companies.

At Carved Path Consulting, I believe that small businesses should have access to the same resources and technology options as large businesses. I see a need for fractional CTO services for businesses who can't afford to pay someone $400,000 a year to advise them, but do need advisory services to make their business run smoother and more efficiently.

I'm focused on businesses of 25 employees or less (all the way down to solopreneurs!). I bring to bear our experience working with large enterprise companies, and leverage that experience for your small business.

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Sarah Savage Sarah Savage, President of Carved Path Consulting

Past experience

Reform Panasonic Apple Perforce Toyota

Our mission

The mission of Carved Path Consulting is to empower small business owners everywhere to leverage technology in scaling and operating their small businesses.

I achieve this mission through direct advisory and consulting services with an IT focus, including cloud and on-premesis solutions for businesses of 25 or fewer employees.

Dollars (GDP) produced by small businesses annually
more than $5.9 trillion
People employed by small businesses
Hours wasted annually per employee on tech issues
140 (3 weeks!)


"Immediately Sarah was able to effect positive change within our organization thanks to her ability to clearly listen to, scope, and document project requirements...

"I am confident that Sarah's skill as a customer-centric technical expert will be make her a great partner to any organization looking to drive meaningful improvements across their business."

Erin Conrad, Perforce Software

"Superb service in helping me with process improvement and streamlining my company's business operations. I've implemented the recommendations I received that are already paying for me starting with making better use of my time. Great experience and helpful report that was easy to implement."

Kay Loughrey, Sweet Life Wellness

"Sarah is amazing and very knowledgeable about technology and running a small business. She was able to evaluate my firm employees, systems and technology and write up a report of how I can scale my business. She helped me define what my business will look like in the future and set a plan in action. She also helped with the technology to onboard new employees. "

Frances Shefter, Shefter Law, P.A.